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We are passionate about helping franchises grow. Our system is an all- in-one business management software that is built and dedicated for the franchising industry. Instead of providing you with only one business program, we incorporate state of the art software, a beautiful uniquely designed website, and professional internet marketing services.

Franchise Website Design

All-In-One Solution

At Fran Flight, we do more than jump start your franchise, we take it to the next level! Our all-in-one solution includes all the necessary components to make your business stand out on digital platforms. One simple monthly price!


We design websites from the ground up with custom fonts, images, logo, content, contact pages, and more! Custom-tailored websites for each client dedicated to generating qualified leads that will help you sell more franchises and grow your brand.


We have developed a powerful, cloud-based software suite to help you manage the sales of franchises, capture leads, organize franchisees, collect royalties and monitor sales and help your franchised locations sell more products and services. Our industry-leading technology and development processes assist franchisors to stand out among the competition.


Our franchising dedicated marketing strategy involves engaging with clients and the business community. We have sales professionals involved in public relations, market research, advertising, and selling franchise product packages to customers. Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, PPC and more.

Add-ons And Extra Tools

Once you pick a plan and become a Fran Flight client, we offer a variety of add-ons and extra tools to help your franchise go even further! Tools such as e-commerce capabilities, mobile applications, reputation review management, social media marketing and much more.

Franchise App Development

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