Pricing Table

Category Product/Service Price
Web Development Economy Class $499 + $99 p/month
Web Development Business Class $999 + $199 p/month
Web Development First Class $1,500 + $299 p/month
Marketing/PPC Starter $1,000 p/month
Marketing/PPC Professional $1,500 p/month
Marketing/PPC Ultimate $2,000 p/month
Marketing/SEO Starter $500 p/month
Marketing/SEO Professional $1,000 p/month
Marketing/SEO Ultimate $1,500 p/month
Software Fran Flight HUB $199 p/month
Software Fran Flight HANGAR $259 p/month
Software Fran Flight CLOUD $25 p/month per location
Addon/Extras PWA Mobile App** $59 p/month
Addon/Extras E-Commerce** $29 p/month
Addon/Extras Reputation Manager $79 p/month
Addon/Extras Business Listing Manager $59 p/month per location
Addon/Extras Live Chat AI Bot Starter $39 p/month
Addon/Extras Live Chat AI Bot $89 p/month
Addon/Extras ADA Accessibility Plugin $19 p/month

Products/services with ** are only available with WordPress websites made by Fran Flight.