What technologies are used and how websites are built?

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We utilize a number of tools available to develop websites. Most of our websites are developed using the World’s most popular and best platform, WordPress.

We have developed dozens of proprietary plugins for WordPress that helps your website run better, faster and secure.

The version of WordPress we use have been heavily modified to make it even better. Our websites are made with speed and marketing results in mind. We host all of our websites on a cloud-based environment at Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean, making the overall speeds of your website blazing fast and elevate your overall SEO ranking.

All of our websites are SEO optimized and ready from day 1. Our websites work flawlessly on screens of all sizes including mobile phones, tablets and all PCs.

We constantly monitor your website for any issues that may arise and fix them even before you notice anything. Our automated monitoring panel enables us to keep a close eye on hundreds of websites in real time, make updates, backups and more.

You get monthly reports about the health and functionality of your website, delivered right to your email.

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