Web Development Tips Franchise Owners Need to Know



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Web Development – Owning and operating a franchise is a great way to expand a small business opportunity, create financial security in a tenuous economy, and even generate substantial passive income over time. Today, it is vital franchises boast a strong online presence. Web development strategies are essential in utilizing the online space to your advantage. In a constantly changing economy, there is shift in demand, consumer spending, and new marketing strategies emerge of which web development remains important.Web Development

One of these shifts is in the area of franchise websites and franchise web development. The development and optimization strategies for a franchise website are quite different from the strategies used to market a single small business. For this reason, many franchise owners hire the services of a franchise marketing agency. A franchise marketing agency, like Fran Flight as the resources, experience, and industry knowledge necessary to create a brand new, effective marketing campaign for a new franchise opportunity. Different tactics and strategies will be put into play to transform a business website into franchise sites. Web Development

A successful franchise website starts with these seven basic web development tips for franchise owners. Implementing these strategies will boost a franchise website’s prominence on search results pages and direct interested franchisees to the franchise opportunity. Web Development

Constant and Thorough Keyword Research Web Development

First, franchise websites must be managed constantly, and effective management requires constant and thorough keyword research. Keyword lists are essentially mapping that show what consumers are searching for via search engines like Yahoo or Google. This information changes every day and staying abreast of the latest keyword trends will ensure that franchise sites are leading consumers directly to the relevant pages. Franchise marketing agencies can perform keyword research and niche market studies to decide for what keywords a franchise website should be optimized. This is one of the most important steps of the entire process.

Geographically Specific Keyword Optimization Web Development

It’s also important to consider geography when optimizing and developing franchise websites. Many franchise owners want to expand their businesses locally. Local expansion is beneficial for two reasons. First, the small business can open a franchise in a locale where customers are already familiar with the business name, which drastically reduces the amount of marketing efforts required to generate profits. Web Development

Second, many franchise owners need to regularly visit the franchise establishment to ensure that quality, service, customer relationships, and daily operations are up to the franchisor’s standards. If a franchise location opens up hundreds of miles away from the original business location, this task becomes increasingly difficult. Optimizing a franchise website for local keywords will direct local entrepreneurs to the franchise site.

Responsive Web Design Web Development

There is no getting around it, responsive web design is the future of web browsing, and it can make or break a company’s reputation. Consumers are browsing on a variety of different devices such as tablets, computers, smart phones, and desktop computers. If a consumer visits a franchise website on a tablet, for instance, and finds a poorly laid out website with convoluted content, he or she may automatically assume that the franchise opportunity is of poor quality. This can be devastating for the business. Web Development

Fran Flight employs a team of professional web designers who can work with franchisors to optimize and develop a website for various devices. No matter what device a site visitor uses, he or she will see the relevant franchise information displayed in an easily understood way.

Multiple Pages of Information Web Development

One common mistake that franchisors make when expanding their businesses is creating a simple, one-page website and leaving their marketing efforts at that. One-page sites can be beneficial for attracting page views, but they are becoming more and more ineffective at generating leads and converting site visitors into interested franchisees. Web Development

Investing in a franchise is a massive, life-changing decision, and entrepreneurs cannot be expected to make this decision lightly. If they visit two different franchise websites for two different franchise opportunities, they will immediately begin comparing the information contained on the sites. Multiple pages that answer all possible questions will alleviate an investor’s hesitancy more effectively than a single landing page. Fran Flight can help franchisors develop tiered-page websites that guide visitors through the learning process and lead to profitable conversions. Web Development

Content-Oriented Web Design Web Development

This, of course, leads to the importance of content-oriented web design. Gone are the days when flashy graphics and web design were enough to keep a site visitor clicking through page after page. Consumers today are looking for content that is thoughtful, interesting, informative, and easy to find. Content-oriented web design presents all the necessary information in a way that consumers can quickly absorb. There is no hunting for answers to questions. There is no need for constant clicking and backtracking to navigate through the website to find information. Fran Flight can help develop franchise sites that are clear and concise. Web Development

Specific Landing Pages for Targeted Keywords Web Development

While web development and search engine optimization for the main page of franchise websites must use general keywords, it’s also a good idea to diversify keyword strategies through the use of landing pages. Consider a franchise opportunity for pest control in New York. Optimizing the main page with keywords for a specific pest, like termites, would be detrimental to the entire site because customers looking for ant, roach, or spider control would never find the main page.

Landing pages, on the other hand, are single pages created for highly specific keywords. The landing page’s sole purpose is to direct consumers to the main page or to encourage consumers to ask for more information. By creating more landing pages, a franchise website can target a wider variety of consumer keyword searches.

Social Media Development and Optimization

Finally, franchise website development should work in tandem with a franchisor’s social media strategy. Social media development and optimization, while not as complex as web development, is an important part of overall marketing success. Many potential franchisees use social media to find new business opportunities, and this method of attracting attention cannot be ignored. Franchise marketing agencies can create social media development strategies that mirror web development tactics, and this creates a seamless, consistent approach to marketing that will greatly benefit a franchisor.

Web development is an important first step in franchise marketing. Hiring a marketing agency like Fran Flight, which specializes in franchise web development, will ensure that none of these significant tips are neglected during the most crucial stages of the marketing process.