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Franchise Marketing: Premier Franchise Website Development

It’s a no-brainer that technology has refined business models around the globe, especially with the creation of the internet and its exponentially growing userbase. From massive online vendors to websites that simply showcase their products, maintaining a website for your business is a necessity, and franchise websites are no different. Creating a website for your franchise is crucial if you want to garner a higher number of quality leads. Franchise web design is distinctive from more typical website models, as the site’s content, responsiveness, and strategies are honed towards entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in their own concept. As a franchisor, here’s exactly should you look for if you’re planning to develop a website for your franchise.

Responsive Franchise Website Design = More Leads Franchise Marketing

The internet is no longer confined to desktop computers. Today, people can access the internet through laptops, smart phones, tablets, gaming systems, watches and even refrigerators! Each device sports a different screen size and browser, meaning websites need to adapt to all kinds of devices. A responsive website can automatically adjust itself to properly Because of the increasing usage of mobile devices, the strongest franchise web designs are extremely efficient regardless of how the user is viewing the site. If you desire a more responsive website for your franchise, FranFlight is the optimal web developer for you! We ensure that your site will look pleasing to the eye and function smoothly, no matter what device is accessing the site.

Website Success is Built on Quality Content

Imagine you had $500,000 to invest in owning your own franchise. You would want to analyze all the information possible to make the best decision, right? In the realm of franchise web design, content is the most important building block, whether it’s web copy, blog posts, photos, or videos. When creating the website for your franchise, it is crucial to include as much information as possible. Websites designed to sell franchises should include content that informs the visitor on the:

  • Concept – What do they offer and how they specialize from competitors?
  • Company History – How they began and why they decided to franchise.
  • Start-up Costs – What is included in the franchise offering?
  • Training – How will potential franchisees be prepared to operate the franchise.
  • Industry Statistics – Why is investing in this franchise the best idea?
  • Testimonials – The success of other franchisees enhance the appeal for your franchise.

Potential investors need to feel confident in their decision to buy into a franchise, so it’s crucial to provide them with everything they’ll need to know. It helps to put yourself in the investor’s mindset and ask all kinds of questions that you haven’t thought of the answer yet. Franchise Marketing

SEO Is Key to Unlocking Google’s

If you’ve been perusing the web for marketing specialists to develop a website for your franchise, you’ve probably come across this acronym. Short for “Search Engine Optimization,” SEO-based content is what helps a website propel to the top of Google’s search results. For example, if someone Googles “seafood franchise”, the top search results contain that same phrase within an article. After catching on to the algorithm, many web developers began flooding websites with key words at the expense of an article’s quality and readability. This is the last thing you want for your franchise’s web design. The art of SEO writing combines key words and phrases with organic writing to successfully convey a message while boosting website’s Google score. FranFlight offers SEO packages for entrepreneurs who yearn for prominence in Google’s search results. Franchise Marketing Help

Stock is for Suckers. Be Unique. Franchise Marketing Help Franchise Marketing Help

The purpose of stock photos is to provide images for people are unable to produce themselves. While there are high-quality stock photos that can catch the eye and properly convey the message you’re looking for, we recommend creating your own images when it comes to franchise web design. Most of the time, self-sourced photos are higher quality, are more specific in reflecting the branding, and score better on Google’s ranking rubrics. Additionally, adding original video content can help improve your website’s score.

Arm Your Franchise Website With CRM

One of the most popular services that web developers offer is the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The purpose of a CRM system is to organize and streamline multiple aspects of a business. This includes laying out marketing strategies, managing leads, scheduling appointments, and monitoring customer feedback. With the ability to manage your business through a digital platform, CRM systems make it easier to resolve any issues common with owning a business such as managing employee schedules and resolving customer complaints. FranFlight is no stranger to developing CRM systems as we have the ability to tailor your CRM system to reflect your business. We recommend that the website for your franchise utilizes a CRM to increase the appeal for higher franchise sales. Franchise Marketing Help Franchise Marketing

Franflight Helps Businesses Take Off! Franchise Marketing

Now that you’ve learned what elements contribute to a successful franchise web design, it’s time to get started! Contact FranFlight today to learn more on how you can enhance your business through our web development services. If you already have an existing website for your franchise, we can evaluate your site in order to see what needs to be optimized, whether it be organic SEO-based content or a full facelift for your website’s design! Franchise Marketing Help Franchise Marketing