About Us And Our History

With over 15 years of experience in the digital media industry, we have developed professional websites and mobile applications for countless clients. Our full-service web development and marketing company is working to provide franchises with high-quality, web products and online services. We work with the professional individual, small companies, and large corporations who are interested in expanding their business or franchise.

We provide our clients with a professional, hand-crafted website made from our team of seasoned coders, developers, and content writers. We also provide our clients with mobile-friendly versions, marketing and hosting services. Let us help you grow your customer base, we have the technology and expertise to make it happen!


Our Team


Hossein Kasmai


Mr. Hossein Kasmai has an extensive experience in the field of franchising. Mr. Kasmai founded many franchise concepts of his own including Guard-A-Kid. Guard-A-Kid founded in 2005, quickly became the industry leader and a very successful franchise in the field of children and family safety.


William Geronco


William Geronco started his own business at the age of 16. With many years of experience in marketing, programming and graphic design, William has helped many businesses grow. A franchisor himself, William knows what it takes to create a successful franchising strategy.


Stephanie Hernandez

Project Manager

Stephanie Hernandez has extensive experience in managing and coordination projects for clients.
Throughout her career she has developed essential skills that allows her to meet and exceed client
Expectations. Her role in administrative work has been a key asset in promptly completing projects.
Stephanie is currently double-majoring in psychology and administration.


Gianni Vasquez

Content Coordinator

Gianni Vasquez has a Bachelor's Degree in Editing, Writing, and Media from Florida State University. During his time there, he cultivated a passion for digital media and content creation. Gianni has solid experience writing professional articles for search engine optimization and creating content for websites. He is also co-founder of JDM Syndicate Car Club.

We have a dedicated in-house team of marketing professionals, franchise specialists, programmers/coders, content writers, graphic designers and sales staff members to better serve you and your franchise.


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